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How to Record World of Warcraft on Mac Using ScreenFlow

Many people asked on Yahoo answer about how to record World of Warcraft, for example:

How can I record myself playing wow for free? - Southpole14

How to record gameplay to show it on youtube - Artur

What's the best software to record pc gameplay? - Sam

And many more. Actually, it's easy to record any game, not only on Mac, if you have the right tool - a good desktop recording software application. Here I highly recommend ScreenFlow which is recognized the best screen recording application on the market. Below is a video recorded with ScreenFlow while geekwithinme is playing World of Warcraft. You can do it also while playing WOW. See the below tutorial about how to use ScreenFlow step by step.

To record WOW in Windows, use Fraps.

How to Make a World of Warcraft Screencast

Now see how to use ScreenFlow to record video while playing World of Warcraft, and edit it to share on YouTube, Vimeo, iPhone/iPad/iPod or anywhere you want.

Step 1: Capture World of Warcraft Video

Download and install ScreenFlow. When done, open it from Application folder, you'll see the interface of ScreenFlow as below. Check the option you want and click the red Record button. The application will countdown 5 seconds by default before start recording video. Then you can go to play World of Warcraft. The screen will be recorded without any blinking frame. When you want to stop recording, simply press SHIFT-COMMAND-2 key combination.

record world of warcraft video

Record Computer Audio: Don't forget to check this option to record the sound of World of Warcraft.

Step 2: Editing World of Warcraft Video

When you stop your recording, ScreenFlow will save a video file to your computer and a new project will be created. Then you're able to easily edit the World of Warcraft video. Note that all the change won't affect the original recordings. See how to export the final file at the next step.

world of warcraft video editing

ScreenFlow allows you to add zoom/pan effects, trim frames, add background music, and so on. The Properties tab on the upper right side includes all the tools you need to edit your World of Warcraft video.

Step 3: Publish World of Warcraft Screencast

There are two ways to share your World of Warcraft video: 1 - export to a standard video file (including presets for Web, Windows Media, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, etc.), or 2 - upload to YouTube or Vimeo without leaving ScreenFlow. To do so, go to File > Export or press Command-E on your keyboard:

world of warcraft video export

That's it. Below is a video introducing ScreenFlow and showing you how to use ScreenFlow to record games, video tutorials, presentations, etc.