Using ScreenFlow

How to Use Screen to Record Screencast on Mac

As an ideal Fraps for Mac alternative, ScreenFlow is as easy as Fraps. Even so, this article aims to help you get started to use ScreenFlow to record video on Mac as soon as possible. It is only a three step process to create a screencast:

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Step 1: Recording Video with ScreenFlow

Download, install ScreenFlow and launch it from Application folder or any other destination folder you've installed ScreenFlow to. You can also drag ScreenFlow to dock bar to launch it easily next time. The interface of ScreenFlow will display as below. Check the option you want and click the red Record button. The application will countdown 5 seconds to start recording. Press SHIFT-COMMAND-2 to stop recording anytime you want.

record video screenflow

Record Desktop: This option records your computer display. If you have multiple displays connected, you're able to
choose one of them, but ScreenFlow is NOT able to record multiple displays simultaneously. In ScreenFlow, you don't need to define a capture region. It records your entire computer display and then you can crop the video and do more editings with ScreenFlow Editor.

Record Video from. This option records video from any camera connected to your computer. You can also choose from multiple cameras.

Record Audio from. This option records from any microphone connected to your computer.

Record Computer Audio. Check this option to record all sounds on your computer. The ScreenFlow audio driver must be installed to use this setting.

Step 2: Editing Screencast

When you finish your recording, ScreenFlow will save recording files to your computer and a new project will be automatically generated so you can easily edit the recorded media on the timeline or on the canvas. You need to export your screencast. And all the changes will not alter your original recording.

edit recording screenflow

ScreenFlow provides you with a powerful editor to add zoom/pan effects, trim clips, add shadow and reflection, adjust audio volume, and so on. The Properties tab on the upper right side of ScreenFlow is main place to edit your recordings. ScreenFlow has a detailed user guide. Refer to the user guide if you have any question on the editing features.

Step 3: Publish Screencast

You're able to publish your screencasts in two ways: - exporting to a standard video file (including presets for Web, Windows Media, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, etc.) or uploading directly to YouTube or Vimeo. To export screencase from ScreenFlow, go to File > Export or press Command-E to export your presentation:

screenflow export video

Here comes the end about how to use ScreenFlow on Mac. Below is a video introducing ScreenFlow and showing you how to use ScreenFlow.

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What Can ScreenFlow Do for You

ScreenFlow not only lets you record video, but turns your recordings into stunning screencast to share with friends. Check out the key features below.

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Record from desktop - a video camera, microphone and computer's audio all is captured.
Full screen HD capture, optimized for the high-quality screen capture.
Includes an intuitive editor to bring your screencast to the next level.
Supports Keynote and PowerPoint recording.
An array of elegant 2D & 3D transitions.
Share your screencast anywhere, including Mac, web (Flash), YouTube, Vimeo, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, etc.
Fully compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

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