How to Use Fraps

How to Use Fraps to Record Game Videos

Fraps is the most professional game video benchmarking andn recording software. If you're a serious game player, you should not miss this must-have software. It provides real-time benchmarking info and video capture feature so you can record high quality game screens without a VCR and DV cam. With Fraps, it's a piece of cake to capture game video at custom frame rates and optimal image quality. You'll know about how to use Fraps in Windows here.

First select the target frame rate for the movie, which indicates how many frames will be included in the movie each second. You can currently choose from 25, 30, 50 or 60 fps.

In the game press the Video Capture Hotkey (F9) when you want to start recording. While recording the frame rate counter will turn red. When you want to end your movie, press F9 again to stop recording. You will now find the movie saved in the default folder (usually C:\Fraps\Movies). The recorded Fraps video is very large, you might need a video converter to compress and convert the Fraps video to formats like MP4.

Below is a video recorded by Fraps while iMan5Fam is playing Battlefield 3.

How to Use Fraps (Video Tutorial)

Now watch a detailed video tutorial introducing Fraps and showing how to record video in high quality with Fraps.

Video courtesy of NCIXcom

How to Compress Fraps Videot to a Smaller Size

This article will show you how to compress the recorded Fraps video to files with a much more smaller size so you quickly upload to YouTube to share with others.

How to Record the Game Sound and Microphone Sound?

With the latest version of Fraps, you can easily record both game sound and mic sound. Just check the necessary options:

1. Record sound

2. Stereo

3. Record external input

Here are some tips for recording microphone sound:

1. If recording with an open mic, everything you say is recorded, that means everything off squad mic too.

2. Breathing is recorded, so move your mic lower down below your lips level.

3. What fraps records for sound may not be what you hear while gaming. For example fraps tends to record game sound as much louder than voices. So do a few tests of different sound levels on different factors and find out what settings work for you.

Best Screen Recording for Windows

If you're a serious game player and want the best recording performance, Fraps is definitely the first choice. - Beason on

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