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Fraps, who name derived from FRAmes Per Second, is the professional video capture, screen capture and benchmarking software. If you're a serious game player, you won't be strange at this must-have software for sharing your game experience. It provides real-time video capture feature so you can forget about your VCR and DV cam. With it, you can easily capture game video at custom frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second.

However, if you switched to Mac platform and now are playing games on Mac, you'll miss Fraps. Fraps for Mac is unavailable. It only works on Windows XP, 2003, Vista, and Windows 7. So many old Fraps gamers and now Mac users may ask what's the best video recording software on Mac. Here is the answer: Movavi Screen Capture. It's an ideal Fraps alternative with similar features but works on Mac.

According to my own research on screen capture software for Mac, Movavi Screen Capture is the easiest one to use. It provides you with an intuitive user interface to record the highest quality of every screen detail. Up to 2880 x 1800-resolution is supported, perfect for the Retina Display. What's more, it lets you easily add images, text, audio, video transitions and more to make a video that everyone loves to watch. Record your gaming moments now and share with your friends.

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Below is a screenshot of Movavi Screen Capture for Mac.

Fraps for Mac

What Can Movavi Screen Capture Do for You

As the best video capture software equivalent to Fraps for Mac, Movavi Screen Capture not only lets you record games, but turns your recordings into valuable masterpieces to share with friends. In my opinion, it's more powerful Fraps equivalent for Mac OS X platform.

Only $29.95

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Record from desktop - screen, microphone and computer's audio all is captured.
Full screen HD capture, optimized for the best, most efficient screen capture
Record any section of your screen you like.
Share your recorded video anywhere, including Mac, YouTube, Vimeo, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, etc.
Export video with high quality but small file size.
Save any frame you want as a game screenshot.
Record Super Bowl coverage or streaming videos with great sound. (Soundflower required)
Record Skype calls, radio, music, etc. (Soundflower required)

Comparison Chart: Movavi Screen Capture VS Fraps

I hope these best two screen recording software support both Mac and Windows. However, they're currently not. Below are some differences between them. Check out whether they are ideal alternative software for your platform.

  Movavi Screen Capture Fraps
Platform Mac OS X 10.6.6 (Snow Leopard) or later (Mavericks supported) Windows XP, 2003, Vista, and Windows 7
Take Screenshot
Video Capture
Video Editing
Output Formats MP4, MOV, WMV, H264, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android, Google Nexus, etc. AVI (High quality but large file size)
Record Live Streams
Record Timer
Capture 3D video
Free Trial Download Now Instant free trial downloads
Price $29.95 $37

Watch More Game Video Recorded by Movavi Screen Capture

Now see how game players use Movavi Screen Capture to record video while playing Call of Duty, Modern Warfare and Minecraft.

Fraps for Mac: Movavi Screen Capture Review on Mac

Video courtesy of monstermikeboy     download fraps for mac alternative   buy fraps for mac alternative Only $29.95

Record Minecraft with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac

Video courtesy of TheInnovativeTV         download fraps for mac alternative   buy fraps for mac alternative Only $29.95

Best Screen Recording App on Apple's App Store

I think I am going to go with Movavi Screen Capture. That looks like a real nice app with some cool editing features as well. - Dirtyharry50 on Macrumors.

Nice Quality

Testing the game recorder program Movavi Screen Capture and seeing the fps I get enjoy! - MrOlzing on YouTube.


I absolutely adore this program. it is great for stuff like youtube or other video sites. personally i like the free one. its just like the paid but with a watermark that says Movavi Screen Capture. overall one of the nest apps out there!

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